Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Although funding for the Commonwealth Home Support program has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.

In May 2013, the Victorian Government agreed to transition responsibility for HACC services for older clients to the Commonwealth, as part of the negotiations regarding Disability Care Australia, the national disability insurance scheme.

Council signed off on a funding & service agreement for a period of three years while funding under the hacc program for younger people was adjusted and is now the responsibility of the State of Victoria.

As at 1 July 2016, services for people over 65 years old or over 50 years old for Aboriginal/Torres Straight Islanders, are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).

What services can I access?:

The types of services that you can access are still basically the same as those offered under the previous HACC program, including:

  • Home maintenance: Assists clients to maintain their home in a safe and habitable condition and must be linked to assisting clients to maintain their independence, safety, accessibility and health/wellbeing within the home environment.
  • Personal care: Provides frail, older people with support in activities of daily living that help them maintain appropriate standards of hygiene and grooming.
  • Home care: Assists older people with domestic chores to maintain their capacity to manage everyday activities in a safe, secure and healthy home environment.
  • Flexible respite: Supports and maintains the care relationship between carers and clients through providing quality respite care for frail, older people so that regular carers can take a break.

Accessing Aged Care Services:

From 1 July 2015 entry and assessment for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme will be through My Aged Care.

My Aged Care incorporates a website and contact centre where clients will be registered via a phone-based screening process, so people seeking access to aged care services for the first time will need to contact the My Aged Care contact centre to discuss their aged care needs and have a client record created.

New clients will need to be registered, screened and/or assessed by My Aged Care to determine eligibility prior to accessing Commonwealth Home Support Programme services.

Where an existing client’s needs change significantly so they would need additional levels of services or new service types, the client will be referred to My Aged Care for reassessment and, based on the outcome of this assessment, will be supported to move to more appropriate care, such as a Home Care Package.

Fees and charges – services user's contribution:

Under the CHSP, there is an expectation that a service user will contribute financially to the subsidised service, where financially viable. Click here to read Council's Standard Operating Procedure – Service User Fees and Charges, which outlines Council's management of service user fees and charges for the CHSP.

Face-to-face assessment:

Where face-to-face assessment is required, this will be conducted in the client’s home or other appropriate location by the Regional Assessment Servcies (RAS). Borough of Queenscliffe is a designated RAS, using the National Screening Assessment Framework (NSAF), building on the information collected by the My Aged Care contact centre during the screening process.

Direct referral for service provision:

In some instances, a person is considered eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme at initial screening by the contact centre and there is no further assessment necessary. You will be referred directly to a services provider of your choice that operates in your local area for services to commence.

Important contacts:

My Aged Care contact number: 1800 200 422

8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am to 2.00pm Saturdays. Closed Sunday and National public holidays.

My Aged Care website: myagedcare.gov.au

This website contains lots of useful information for accessing aged care services.

Under the CHSP, there is an expectation that a service user will contribute financially to the subsidised service provided where financially viable. The attached document outlines Councils management of service user fees and charges for the CHSP.

Information about CSHP and coronavirus can be accessed at this link.