Heatwave Plan

The Borough of Queenscliffe has a Heatwave Plan for the safety and welfare of our community. This community is particularly vulnerable to heat-related illnesses given that a large proportion of the population is aged 65 years and older.

The Heatwave Plan aims to reduce heatwave associated risks within the Borough of Queenscliffe municipality 

  • Identifying risks to the community
  • Assessing the vulnerability of the community to those risks
  • Providing options to reduce or eliminate the risks and impacts of a heatwave on the municipality
  • Having arrangements in place to reduce the health impacts of heatwave
  • Developing media and communication messages, in line with whole-of-government messages, to inform the community and staff of the best way to look after themselves, relatives and their neighbours during a heatwave
  • Providing support and assistance throughout the duration of the heatwave
  • Ensuring response activities are consistent across the whole of government.

Click here to download Council's Heatwave Plan 2017 in full.

For more information about what to do during a heatwave, click here.