Dog Friendly Areas

Dogs are required to be leashed at all times within the Borough of Queenscliffe unless they are being exercised at the Narrows Beach (formerly known as Dog Beach), where they may be off-lead but must be under effective voice control.

The Narrows Beach is accessed from the car park near the pedestrian lights on Bellarine Highway, opposite Roddick Grove. The off-lead area begins at the end of the boardwalk and extends east, finishing at the end of Fraser Street. Please ensure that your dog is on a lead before you enter the area and when leaving. This dog beach is available all year.

Dogs on beaches time restrictions apply during summer

Residents and visitors to Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale are reminded that summer timeshare restrictions for dogs on beaches are in force between 15 December and the last day of February each year, from 9:00am to 8:00pm. Dogs are not permitted on any beach (excluding Narrows Beach) during this time.

Dog owners are advised to look out for signs placed along coastal pathways that confirm the dog restrictions in place, and to clean up after their dogs at all times. Council’s local laws officers regularly patrol local beaches.

All dogs are prohibited from entering fenced sand dune and coastal vegetation areas or disturbing wildlife such as nesting hooded plovers or resting seals, which frequently visit our coastline over summer.

New Dog Beach map

Picking up after your dog

Dog Tidy Bag Dispensers are placed throughout the municipality and dog owners are reminded that it is your responsibility to pick up after your animal. Dog faeces poses a health risk not only for people but also for other dogs and they cause unsightly, smelly pollution. A penalty applies to anyone found not picking up after their dog.