Water Quality

An important part of the Borough of Queenscliffe's local environment is the water that we are surrounded by. To ensure that the water does not poses a public health risk, a number of initiatives are in place, including the Environmental Protections Association's (EPA's) Beach Report.

Water quality at the beach

The Queenscliff beach is one of 36 beaches that are sampled as part of the EPA's Beach Report. The beaches are monitored on a weekly basis, starting on the first day of summer and running through to the Labor Day weekend in March.

The forecasts, results and locations of the beaches that the EPA monitors within Port Phillip Bay are reported on the EPA Cleaner Yarra and Bay website. You can also follow the Beach Report on @EPA_Victoria on Twitter.

If the water has returned a reading that may pose potential public health issues, signs will be erected and information will be given to community.