Over six million Australians contribute 700 million voluntary hours of community service every year.

According to the Victorian Health Indicator Survey (2011), there is a great range of opportunities to volunteer in local groups within the Borough of Queenscliffe. Do we volunteer sometimes? 50% of our population does, compared with only 33% Victoria wide.

There are opportunities for you to volunteer within a range of organisations and in local activities – for example:

  • Coast guard
  • Visitor Information Centre
  • Emergency services
  • Care for our elderly
  • Removing weeds from our coastal areas
  • Coaching junior sports
  • Raising money for charity
  • Organising local events.

Volunteers encompass all areas of our community. The generosity, patience, commitment and hard work of our local volunteers are very much appreciated and form part of the incredible spirit of this community.

Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale would not be the same without them.

Please refer to the Community Directory for organisations that have volunteer opportunities or contact Customer Service to discuss volunteering at Council events.