The Borough of Queenscliffe Council Plan 2017–2021 articulates a strong vision for the future of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale, inspired by the Borough’s Latin motto, Statio Tutissima Nautis, which translates as 'the safest anchorage for seafarers':

"The Borough remains a safe haven defined by its unique heritage, rich culture and significant natural environment. It is a special and restorative place for an involved and caring community and our visitors."

Council's strategic direction for 2017–2021 is set around five strategic objectives that define Council’s priorities for service planning and delivery:

  1. Enhance community wellbeing by providing a safe environment where people are involved, healthy and active in recreation, arts and culture.
  2. Play our part in protecting the local, national and globally significant values within our natural environment for future generations.
  3. Foster a diverse and vibrant local economy.
  4. Preserve and enhance the Borough as a special place through excellence of design and conservation of its rich culture and unique heritage.
  5. Maintain a cohesive, well governed, financially sustainable and independent Borough.