Pedestrian Safety in Queenscliff

We're investigating ways to make pedestrians safer in Queenscliff


Last updated: April 2021
Current status: Consultation closed - results being compiled

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We've heard from you that Hesse and Gellibrand Streets aren't as safe as they could be

We're working on pedestrian safety improvements across Queenscliff, with a focus on Hesse Street and Gellibrand Street.

Vehicles on Gellibrand Street regularly exceed the speed limit, endangering pedestrians and other vehicles. To make the street safer, we're building a pedestrian crossing using a design produced alongside community consultation. Ninety-six people shared their ideas for how we could make Gellibrand Street even safer:

  • We heard that you agreed with us that speeding traffic and a lack of safe pedestrian infrastructure is a problem in the area.
  • We heard that you preferred a wombat or zebra crossing for a pedestrian crossing design.
  • We heard that you wanted a crossing to be the first step of a broader approach to addressing pedestrian safety in the area.

Council has now secured funding to construct a pedestrian crossing on Gellibrand Street, which will commence in 2021.


We've also heard feedback that crossing points in Hesse Street don't work as well as they should. Based on the feedback we heard from our Gellibrand Street consultation, Council commissioned a transport safety specialist to investigate how we might make this street safer for pedestrians. The specialist's report made four recommendations:

  1. Convert two crossing points on Hesse Street to pedestrian crossings;
  2. Set a permanent speed limit of 40km/h in Hesse Street;
  3. Conduct further work examining nearby roundabouts for potential additional safety treatments; and
  4. Further examine pedestrian and vehicle interaction at the north end of Gellibrand Street.

We asked the community what they thought about these recommendations during an additional round of consultation. The majority of respondents supported the recommendations. Council will be considering the report and the consultation results at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 28 April.