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Last updated: March 2021
Current status: Consultation closed

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Consultation closed


About the Community Vision & Council Plan

At the start of every new term, Council produces strategic documents that outline the focus of our work for the entire term. In line with new Victorian Government legislation, we're starting work on two separate documents that plan for the future – the Community Vision and the Council Plan. We're asking for your help creating both of these documents.

The Community Vision
The Community Vision is a long-term vision document that sets out goals for our community to achieve over the next ten years. Council has an important role to play in achieving this vision, but the document will be a useful reference point for everyone in the Borough.

The Council Plan
The Council Plan sets out measurable goals and objectives for this four-year term of Council. It will explain the actions Council will take towards achieving the Community Vision, and organise those actions into pillars or portfolios.

Taken together, these documents help Council plan for the long term while also setting targets for how we will play a role in building a better Borough.


Why these plans matter

Under Victorian law, almost all Council decisions have to be consistent with and guided by a Council Plan. The projects Council chooses to fund and the way different areas of our work are prioritised are guided by our Council Plan, which will in turn align with the values and principles set out in the Community Vision. In short, these are the single most important strategic documents for Council – they influence every other piece of work we do. By taking part in the creation of these documents, you'll have a say in what Council's priorities are and what kind of place the Borough will be in the future.

These documents also connect with other strategic planning Council is currently producing, including a Climate Emergency Response Plan and a Coastal and Marine Management Plan. The Community Vision and Council Plan won't affect this work, but they will clarify how these priorities fit into Council's overall strategic direction.


How to share your ideas

The first stage of consultation has closed. There were two ways to share your ideas. Both options included the same information and questions..

Share your ideas online
Answer an online survey about what you think the future of the Borough should look like.

Visit an open house day
Stop by in person to share your ideas. Visit Council at 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff at either of the following times:

  • 5pm - 7pm on Tuesday 23 March
  • 11am - 1pm on Saturday 27 March

Consultation closed at 11:59pm on 28 March.


How community input will shape the Community Vision and Council Plan

Your ideas will create both documents through three separate stages of engagement. You can participate in as many or as few stages as you'd like.

March 2021
Community members share ideas for where our community should be in ten years and the actions Council should take over the next four years.

May 2021
A community panel, randomly selected from applicants, will analyse community ideas and determine the main priorities contained in the Vision and Plan.

July 2021
A draft of the Community Vision and Council Plan is released for public review and comment.

September 2021
Council considers both documents for fomal adoption at the September Ordinary Meeting of Council.


Background information and documents to consider

You might like to consider some existing strategies and documents before sharing your ideas.

The Wadawurrung Aboriginal Corporation have also produced a Healthy Country Plan for the next ten years. This plan articulates how Wadawurrung see Country being cared for and managed over the next 10 years, and will form an input in the development of both documents. You may wish to consider this Plan in developing your own ideas for the Borough.