Draft local law for inspection

Friday, 18 December 2020

Recent legislative changes to the Local Government Act 2020 has meant that Council has introduced new Governance Rules which address the conduct of council meetings and the election of mayor, amongst other things.

Local Law No 1 2010 – Processes of Municipal Government mostly was incorporated into the new Governance Rules. Therefore it is recommended to revoke Local Law No 1 2010 – Processes of Municipal Government and Local Law No 2 2010 – Community Amenity and make one new general Local Law which consists the existing Local Law No 2 2010 – Community Amenity (with some amendments) and includes the use of the common seal.

The main amendments include:

  • Title change
  • Incorporating the clause relating to the use of the Common Seal from Local Law No 1 2010 – Processes of Municipal Government
  • Update definitions
  • Additional clauses to enable easier enforcement for Noise related complaints
  • Additional clauses to enable ongoing enforcement for Dilapidated Buildings, which aims to deterring property owners getting into this situation
  • Tighten up who may authorise the burning of a fire hazard
  • Update clauses relating to barbeques, in line with CFA recommendations
  • Remove clauses relating to parking meters and display of parking tickets, as Council’s only ticket machine has been disabled in accordance with Government directions
  • Change infringement notices and payment of from 28 days to 21 days, in accordance with relevant amended legislation.

Click here to view the draft local law

Click here to view the draft policy and procedures manual

Click here to download the impact statement

Feedback on this law can be made in writing via email to info@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au or by post to 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff  VIC  3225. The feedback period closes on 12pm Monday 18 January 2021.

Councillors will consider any submissions at 5:30pm on Wednesday 27 January 2021 at Council’s Municipal Offices. Council will susequently consider to make the Local Law and associated Policy and Procedures Manual with or without amendment.

For more information, please contact Council on 03 5258 1377 or by email at info@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au.