Kerbside recycling collection

When does Council collect recycling?

Council collects recycling from Monday through to Thursday. For the collection day in your street, please refer to the collection map.

Where do I get my recycling bin?

Council supplies all rateable residential properties with a 120-litre recycling bin.

What can I recycle?

Visit Council's A-Z waste and recycling guide for a comprehensive list of items that can go in your kerbside three-bin system.

Remember that when putting items into your recycling bin:

  • If you’re not sure if a plastic can be recycled, give it a squeeze! If it goes back to its original shape, it’s a rigid plastic and is safe to put in your recycling bin
  • Food containers need a quick rinse
  • Make sure to keep your recycling loose and not in plastic bags
  • Keeping our recycling system free of contamination is essential. When it comes to what you can recycle – if in doubt, throw it out.

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