Community Carbon Neutral Action Plan

What is the Community Carbon Neutral Action Plan?

The Community Carbon Neutral Action Plan (CNAP) will help our community to achieve its carbon neutral goals.

The CNAP will focus on reducing emissions generated by residents, businesses, schools and community groups.

How is the Community Carbon Neutral Action Plan being developed?

A survey was carried out in January 2013 to gather community input to help shape the CNAP.

The survey contained a list of 45 potential initiatives to save energy and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Residents were asked to select the 10 actions that they thought should become the focus of the CNAP during the next two years.

Here are the top 10 actions residents selected by residents:

  1. Continue working with the City of Greater Geelong to locate a suitable long-term disposal site for green waste that would enable the introduction of a kerbside green waste bin for Borough residents.
  2. Investigate opportunities for a bulk-buy program for solar hot water, solar panels and water tanks.
  3. Investigate the feasibility of disposing of green waste within the Borough and providing residents with compost material for use on gardens.
  4. Continue to upgrade bicycle pathways throughout the Borough and introduce bicycle infrastructure at suitable locations.
  5. Investigate opportunities for the bulk-buy of Green Power for Borough residents and businesses.
  6. Advocate for the development of a bicycle path between Ocean Grove and Point Lonsdale.
  7. Investigate the establishment of a program for the collection of excess food from local restaurants and cafes and distribution to charities.
  8. Promote and encourage public transport options to residents and visitors.
  9. Encourage the inclusion of environmentally sustainable design features in building developments by creating and distributing fact sheets on solar hot water, solar panels, rain water tanks, grey water systems, window glazing, etc.
  10. Design and deliver an education program to divert recyclables from landfill by increasing residents' knowledge of items that can be put in kerbside recycling bins.

How can I get involved?

An alliance to deliver the prioritised actions is now being established. You are invited to volunteer as an alliance partner and help to deliver the top 10 actions within a set timeframe.

For more information on how you can get involved, watch this space or contact Council's Sustainability Officer on 03 5258 1377.