Corporate Carbon Neutral Action Plan

What is the Corporate Carbon Neutral Action Plan?

The Corporate Carbon Neutral Action Plan is a practical tool to help Council to achieve its carbon neutral goal – one where Council's net balance of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions is equal to zero.

What benefits will the Council's Carbon Neutral Action Plan have?

By implementing the Borough of Queenscliffe Working Towards Carbon Neutral Action Plan (CNAP), Council will reduce carbon emissions and thereby:

  • Reduce the cost of living
  • Minimise the financial impact of any future federally-imposed cost on emissions
  • Make efficient use of resources
  • Minimise negative impacts on the environment.

How does Council's Carbon Neutral Action Plan work?

The CNAP gives Council a clear path to follow to achieve its carbon neutral goal. The main functions of the CNAP are to

  • Analyse Council's corporate carbon footprint
  • Present energy costs and forecasts
  • Determine the most cost-effective approach for achieving carbon neutrality by 2013.

What does the Carbon Neutral Action Plan apply to?

The CNAP applies to:

  • Council offices
  • Town Hall
  • Library and Visitor Information Centre
  • Council-operated caravan parks
  • Council's fleet
  • Water pumps
  • Street lighting
  • Recycling and waste from Council offices.

How is the Carbon Neutral Action Plan being implemented?

A Carbon Neutral Action Plan Steering Committee, consisting of one Councillor, five community members and Council's Sustainability Officer, was formed in February 2011 to guide the development of a Carbon Neutrality Action Plan.

What's happened so far?

Under the CNAP, Council undertook to:

  • Carry out Level 2 Energy Audits on the Town Hall, Council offices and four Council-operated caravan parks
  • Implement energy efficiency opportunities identified by the Level 2 Energy Audits
  • Purchase 100% Green Power for Council buildings and facilities
  • Determine the feasibility of energy-efficient street lighting
  • Purchase and install solar-powered public lighting in nominated locations.

With funding assistance from the Victorian Local Sustainability Accord, Council has:

  • Completed the Level 2 Energy Audits on Council buildings
  • Invested in 100% renewable energy for Council caravan parks
  • Trialled energy-efficient street lighting in streets in Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale
  • Purchased solar-powered public lighting.

Need more information?

For more information on the CNAP, please contact Council's Sustainability Officer on 03 5258 1377.