Septic tanks and wastewater

Septic tanks, wastewater treatment systems and greywater recycling systems are regulated by the Environmental Protection Authority of Victoria and relevant environment protection policies and guidelines.

If you are looking at installing or altering a septic tank system or greywater system please contact the Environmental Health Department to discuss your obligations. A septic tank application form must be submitted and a permit to install must be issued before any works can proceed. In areas of environmental significance a Land Capability Assessment will be requested.

It's a legal requirement that a Certificate to Use for the septic tank system must be issued prior to the Certificate of Occupancy being issued.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has published Guidelines for Environmental Management - Code of Practice Onsite Wastewater Management. These guidelines are required to be met as part of the permit and on going use of the system.

This Code of Practice provides standards and guidance to ensure the management of onsite wastewater (up to 5000 L/day) protects public health and the environment, and uses our resources efficiently. It has been written to support the onsite wastewater industry, regulators and premise owners design, install and/or manage sustainable sanitation and re-use systems in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1970 and the State environment protection policies Waters of Victoria (SEPP WoV) and Groundwaters of Victoria (GoV).