Economic development

The Borough of Queenscliffe is located at the tip of the Bellarine Peninsula, about 105 kilometres south-west of Melbourne and 35 kilometres east of the regional city of Geelong.

The Borough's economy is dependent on three major industry sectors. By economic output the largest contributors are:

  • Public administration and safety
  • Hospitality (accommodation and food services)
  • Health care and social assistance

In December 2016 the Minister for Regional Development, the Hon. Jaala Pulford MP, announced that the Borough of Queenscliffe Council’s funding application for the development of an Economic Development Strategy was successful with an allocation of $40,000. The Borough of Queenscliffe also committed $25,000 to this project. The development of a successful Economic Development Strategy for the Borough of Queenscliffe began with an acknowledgement of the Borough’s unique structure, location and population.

The Borough of Queenscliffe was established in 1863. It is Australia’s only Borough and the only council in Victoria whose boundary predates the restructure of local government in the mid 1990s. More than 50 per cent of the population is aged over 60, and the extent of the Borough’s temporary population is clearly illustrated by the 55.9 per cent of private dwellings unoccupied during the 2016 census. Our permanent residential population of 2,853 swells to over 17,000 during the summer season when visitors flock to the Borough to enjoy the beaches, historic buildings, cafes and restaurants, and relaxed lifestyle.

The Economic Development Strategy has been designed around five pillars that build on existing opportunities:

  1. Increase sustainable yield from the visitor economy
  2. Connect and partner with local government counterparts and large employers in the region
  3. Utilise built and natural assets to deliver experiential excellence for visitors
  4. Diversify the local economy into non-visitor sectors
  5. Present the Borough as a premier location for retirees

The ultimate goal of the Economic Development Strategy is to future-proof the Borough, ensuring sustainable business, driving economic benefits for the greater community and saluting our heritage values so that our safe haven can welcome and support a thriving population for generations to come.

The Borough of Queenscliffe adopted the Economic Development Strategy at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 14 December 2017.

Click here for a copy of the Economic Development Strategy Overview and here for a copy of the full Economic Development Strategy.

For further information about this project or to discuss business, investment and economic development opportunities, read the Borough of Queenscliffe Investment Prospectus online here and contact Shannon Di Lisio, Economic and Community Development Program Leader, at info@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au.