Road maintenance

There are four classes of roads in the Borough of Queenscliffe:

  • Private roads - these are the responsibility of the owners
  • Link roads – these are the responsibility of VicRoads
  • Collector and access roads – these are the responsibility of Council.

It should be noted that some link roads contain sections of road classified as access road, which means the maintenance responsibilities are shared between Council and VicRoads.

See the Local Road Register to determine the status of any road in the Borough of Queenscliffe.

Maintenance undertaken on Council managed collector and access roads include tasks such as road resealing, line marking and patching of traffic lanes and shoulders as well as more significant reconstruction works from time to time. Council is also responsible for the maintenance of vegetation within the road reserve to ensure safety.

All road closures and traffic disruptions are advertised through the Public Notices section of this website and the Echo newspaper.

All maintenance issues can be registered via the Report an issue form.

 For further information please contact our Customer Service officers on 03 5258 1377.