Parks and gardens

There are a number of picturesque parks and gardens situated throughout the Borough of Queenscliffe, where you can enjoy many recreational pasttimes.

There is a strong sense of community and belonging that exists within the Borough and great pride is taken in its parks and gardens. Refer to the table below for amenities.

A snapshot of our parks


Access point

Parking for large vehicles


Public toilets


Outstanding feature/s

Princess and Lower Princess Parks

Gellibrand St, Tobin Drive, Symonds St, Wharf Rd


Large expansive lawn area; access to beach, stands of significant trees.

Citizens Park

Gellibrand St, Tobin Drive

Expansive lawn areas; significant trees; coastal views; Rotunda

Victoria Park

King St, Mercer St




Significant trees; camping when permitted.

Point Lonsdale Playground Foreshore Reserve

Point Lonsdale Road


View of the Rip and coast; significant trees

Flinders St high school space (site of proposed Queenscliff Park)

Finders St (Bellarine Highway)




Expansive lawn area.

Council is responsible for the planting, care and maintenance of street trees and trees in parks which it owns or has Committee of Management responsibilities for. For details refer to the Tree Management, Removal and Replacement Strategy for Princess, Citizens and Victoria Parks.